Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I have to open an account to purchase something? 
    No, definately not. You can Contact Us via e-mail, call or fax us [remember we are on US Central Time] at 214 948 1835.  If you fax, please include your e-mail address or phone number.


  • What happens about your 10% discount for repeat customers if I call or fax?
    The same thing as ordering on site. Just mention (write on the fax) the repeat customer code sent to you and you will receive the 10%. We try to remember repeat customers, so you might not really have to give the code, but please don't count on it. It seems I'm getting more forgetful every - now what was that word - oh yes SECOND.


  • What happens if I don't like the book? 
    We try to be fair, but please don't blame us if the book is no good, blame the author :-) Seriously though, we offer a money back guarantee on any book we sell. If the "fault" is yours, for example your friend bought you a copy as a susprise and you didn't know it, we may ask you to pay the actual money we are out (shipping and packaging material). For complete details please see our Store Policies.


  • Why was I charged $3.00 for mailing a when the postage was only $2.35.
    Our shipping charge includes not only postage but the shipping material - on the order of 50 cents for a paperback. The remaining money pays for the times we lose money - if the book had been a little heavier, postage could have been $2.71 and we would have lost money after paying for the packing material. We win a few, lose a few. On balance it tends to come out that we pay for our actual costs without charging for the person that does the packing. Remember also that Delivery Confirmation is included for books shipped to a USA address and the customer gets a copy of the tracking number by e-mail. [Please note that examples may be from some time back and the numbers may have changed and probably up since I've never know USPS to lower prices]


  • Just what are your shipping and handling charges?
    Exact S&H is sometimes difficult to say without the particular items to weigh and an exact address. However, as a general statement we will say that you will be charged no more than the cost of shipping plus possibly as much as one or two dollars for shipping materials. After looking at the following table, you might also want to see our Store Policies 

    Our shipping matrix gives average costs. The following table is current as of Jan 27, 2013:




     Delivery Time 


     1st Item 


     Each Add'l Item 


    5 to 21 Business Days






    US-Priority Class


    3 to 5 Business Days








    4 to 10 Business Days








    4 to 10 Business Days





    (1)Lighter books (some paperbacks) may be less. Note: The averages charges come up when using our Check Out but you will only be charged as appropriate.

    Stated S&H is for the standard 2 lb ( 0.91 Kg) book. We may ask for additional S&H for overweight/oversize books and we will reduce rates when we can. For example, if, for US Priority, the well padded book could fit in a flat rate envelope, the price would be reduced.

    Express mail is availably on a book by book basis, please contact us.

    International S&H may incur additional costs if the "well padded" book will not fit in a Flat Rate Priority envelope. Occasionally the price will reduced if we can send the item First Class International.  Please note that International postage cost rise tremendously if an item does not fit in a flar rate envelope.

    If you use the Google Checkout we cannot change the amount. 

    If you choose PayPal - let us invoice you so we can lower the shipping charges, if applicable. 

    If you choose a credit card payment, we can lower the shipping charges before processing the card.


  • How do you pack your books? 
    Very carefully :-)
    For Hard Cover books 
    Some heavy Paperbacks/Trade Editions
    • Most books with Dust Jackets are covered with a protective sleeve before shipping to you.
    • Book is placed in a plastic bag that is sealed/taped to protect from moisture,
    • book and plastic bag are completely wrapped in bubble wrap,
    • this combination is placed in a sturdy cardboard box or, in the case of expedited shipping, may be placed in a Flat Rate envelope if it is well enough padded.
    • Peanuts (or bubble wrap) may be used as filler to prevent shifting during shipment,
    • Container is securely taped.

    For PaperBack books:
    • Book is placed in a plastic bag that is sealed/taped to protect from moisture,
    • book and plastic bag are placed in heavy duty large envelope with cardboard reinforcement.
    • Envelope is adequately taped for protection.

      1. How about some help on searching? 
        Sure, a friend of mine at just happens to have written up something on that and I'll use his writeup.
        Title, Author, and Description are `AND` searches, meaning that only those records which contain ALL the words will be shown. Keyword is an `OR` search, meaning that all records that contain ANY of the words will be shown. The Keyword search looks in all the book record fields: Author, Title, Description, etc. Because of this, the Keyword search may return listings that don't seem to match your search criteria. When using the Keyword search, it is best to limit your search to just a few words (one or two is best).

        Basic search tips:
          • Less is more: for best results type only the author's last name, or only the main words in the title. To search by publisher or keyword, follow the same rule. For example, to find books on Old West Outlaws, type outlaws in the Keywords field. To find books on gold mining, type in gold.

          • Keyword hint: If nothing comes up in your Keyword search, try searching synonyms, related terms, or alternate spellings.

          • To browse by topic: Click on one of the Category links at left to view selections of our stock in that topic. The list at left is for our specialties, click on 'View Other Categories' to see a complete list of subject areas.

          • To find more items: Even if you have already browsed by category, a Keyword search will often bring up more items because each item has multiple Keywords but may only be sorted into one or two subcategories.

          • If you still aren't able to locate items that you think we might have, use either the EMail link or the 'Offline Search Service' form to let us know of your interests.

      2. What do all of those terms mean? What is Very Good and AEG?
        All of those and more are explained on our Book Glossary page. If you don't find something you are looking for, contact us and we'll try to answer your question and add it to the page.

        ???) WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHO? WHY? 
        You can Contact Us via e-mail, call or fax us [remember we are on US Central Time] at 214 948 1835 [please include your e-mail address or phone number on a fax]. We will answer, even if it's "I don't know".