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It's nice to have a featured book on the front page (at least we think it is), but what about some of those we've had in the past which you might have wanted to look at but just hadn't gotten around to. I thought I would start this page to sort of keep track of the past featured books. We generally have a little more to say about the featured book, so maybe the extra information might help someone.

How about Books, including book care, how to tell first editions and other ordinary and esoteric knowledge about books. And if you would like to pass along something you've found useful, let us know.

This page is about all of that and anything else that comes up we think you might be interested in. No telling what will show up here. I'm sure we'll duplicate information on the rest of the site, but a lot of it will be unique.

Just a reminder, repeat customers through our site receive a 10% discount. So, if there is a book you would like to order from any of the publishers we deal with, we can order it for you and maybe save you a little money. Just e-mail us at [email protected].

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Note: When trying any product for clean up for the first time, it is generally a good idea to try it in a "hidden area" to see if it leaves a stain or residue. We have found that these products GENERALLY don't, but no quarantees.

"Goo-Gone", most all hardware stores. It's a goldish-color liquid, and available in a semi-gel form, and it works teriffic on anything sticky, ink marks on shiny surfaces such as a dustjacket with price marked out, etc.

J godsey's Book Deodorizer absorbs moisture & odors. used to treat books, papers, clothing or other inanimate objects, it will remove, cigarette smoke, mildew, and general mustiness. Visit the sic home page while you're there. Fun to read and you might even learn something.

Another product of Ms. Godsey's we liked so much, Joan reviewed it for one of the on-line magazines:

DISCARDED BOOKS the facelift for ex-library books
Written & Illustrated by j. godsey
$9.50 postpaid

Reviewed by Joan White
[email protected]

If you love books, you collect books or sell books this is a very handy reference book. The simple, clearly explained ways to prolonging the life of a book is fascinating. Ms. Godsey makes it clear these repairs should not be attempted on rare or valuable books - but you can certainly use these handy tips on enhancing your own collection or books you are trying to sell. The tips are not just for ex-library books. It gives you several options for each repair job. So you can choose according to which solution you are comfortable with in accomplishing. I have used many of these helpful tricks with some of my books. They certainly take a ‘Good’ book to ‘Very Good’ or higher easily. The testimonies on her web-site show many others are also using these helpful solutions. Ms. Godsey has an fresh approach to writing. She is both easy to read and down to earth in her directions and instructions. From the ‘Stuff You May Need’ to the detailed, illustrated directions to repair shaken hinges, loose signatures, missing free endpapers, etc. The 28 page booklet is chocked full of good advise. Ms. Godsey is also the author of Sic, the Book Humor magazine. Full of literary humor and a favorite of many booksellers.

Have you ever wondered how people tell whether a book is a first edition or not? Sometimes it's easy, it says so right in the book - BUT that's not always true either. For example a book club has been known to print their edition using the same plates, so although it says First Edition, it isn't! Well, you can find the answers for many publishers in Bill McBrides
 A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions The sixth edition lists over 3700 publishers from 1850 to the present and the methods that these past and present English language publishers use to identify first editions of their hardbound and paperbound books. Using statements form the publishers as the sole basis of first edition identification. The purpose here is to help the collector, dealer, librarian and auctioneer to determine if a specific book is most likely a first edition.

Points of Issue compiled by Bill McBride   -  Books about Books. The review copy is the Third Edition, 5th Printing by McBride/Publisher.

 Points of Issue (along with A Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions) should be in the pocket of every book collector. This 93 page small book (it's only 3.5 by 6 inches) fits nicely in the pocket or purse when one is booking. It isn't easy to carry along all of the reference works you would like to carry when you are out and around. But this and the companion pocket guide provide a tremendous amount of information in just a small space.

What is a point of issue? In the simplest sense, it is something that futher identifies almost identical books. For example, there is a list of books by Tolkien in the edition of his Silmarillion. In the true first of the American edition, the title Farmer Giles of Ham is listed as Father Giles of Ham. This mistake is a point of issue.

Once you have "identified a first edition" with the use of the pocket guide, this book comes into play so that you can be sure it is a first edition. Not only does it have points of issue for very many 19th and 20th century authors, it also gives you a list of those Authors without points and some good information about book clubs. How many books are listed? Well certainly not every one, but it tries to cover all of the collectable authors/books. I estimate that there are somewhat over 1700 books listed in the 93 pages. You shouldn't leave home without one.

BTW: We probably have some for sale, just click on Points of Issue .
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