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It's nice to have a featured book on the front page (at least we think it is), but what about some of those we've had in the past which you might have wanted to look at but just hadn't gotten around to. I thought I would start this page to sort of keep track of the past featured books. We generally have a little more to say about the featured book, so maybe the extra information might help someone.

How about Books, including book care, how to tell first editions and other ordinary and esoteric knowledge about books. And if you would like to pass along something you've found useful, let us know.

This page is about all of that and anything else that comes up we think you might be interested in. No telling what will show up here. I'm sure we'll duplicate information on the rest of the site, but a lot of it will be unique.

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 Beast Master's Circus, Book Two of the Beast Master Series by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie.
Hardcover; Second Printing; NY TOR / Tom Doherty 2004; ISBN: 0765300427; Illustrated by Douglas, Allen
301 pages; Fine/Fine. Not a used book. As New. Boards are straight, tips are pointed, spine is square and pages are clean. DJ is Fine. In protective sleeve. Fantastic cover art work. An excellent gift! Laris is a young woman who works for a space-faring circus, a bonded slave to its manager. An orphan with a troubled past, Laris is gifted animals, a valuable asset to the circus and to her boss.
Science Fiction & Fantasy

 Diuturnity's Dawn, Book Three of the Founding of the Commonwealth by Alan Dean Foster
NY Ballantine / Del Rey 2002; ISBN 0345418654; First Edition Hardcover; First Printing; Illustrated by Mark Harrison
341 pages; Fine/Near Fine. New, not a used book. Boards are straight, tips are pointed, spine is square and pages are clean. DJ has tiny closed tear top edge. Now in protective sleeve. Fantastic wrap around art work by Harrison! An excellent gift! Fanielle holds the key to triumph, but only if she can outwit those desperate to silence her forever.
Science Fiction & Fantasy

 Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold
Hardcover; Second Printing; NY Baen 2002; ISBN 0743435338; Illustrated by Stephen Hickman

311 pages; Near Fine/Fine. Remainder Line. New, not a used book. Boards are straight, tips are pointed, spine is square and pages are clean. Fine dust jacket - Fantastic art work by Hickman! In protective sleeve. An excellent gift! The downside of being a troubleshooter comes when trouble starts shooting back.
Science Fiction & Fantasy
This book was reviewed on 6/16/2005 below

 The Hitchhiker's Trilogy, Includes The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; The Restaurant at the End of the Universe; Life, The Universe and Everything; So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish; Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams and Illustrated by Gary Ruddell.
Book Club Edition, 839 pages; Near Fine/Fine. Not a used book. Very soft bump to top corner tips. Boards are straight, tips are pointed, spine is square and pages are clean. DJ is great! Fantastic cover art work. In protective sleeve. An Excellent gift! Suppose a good friend calmly told you over a round of drinks that the world was about to end? And what if the world really did come to an end, but instead of being blown away, you found yourself hitching a ride on a spaceship with your buddy as traveling companion?
Science Fiction & Fantasy

 The Compleat Enchanter The Magical Misadventures Of Harold Shea by L. Sprague De Camp and Fletcher Pratt
London Gollancz Millennium 2000 1857987578 Reprint Trade Paperback; Illustrated by Carr, Richard
Fantasy Masterworks; 532 pages; Fine condition. As New. Un-read, Tight and Clean. Fantastic cover art work!
The Mathematics of Magic: the greatest discover of the ages - at least, that's what Professor Harold Shea thought. With the proper equations he could instantly transport himself and his friend Reed Chalmers to other times, to visit the wondrous lands of ancient legend. But Shea's magic did not always work - at least, not quite as expected. A dragon spell might result in a hundred dragons or, even worse, one tenth of a dragon. An Excellent Gift!
Science Fiction & Fantasy

 Dallas Leaders in Color - Politics Book 1, Volume 1 - A Coloring Book by Darlene Johnson

As New - not a used book. A Fantastic idea - a Political Coloring Book. Teach children the politics and faces of the leaders of their state while entertaining. Features local politicians from Mayor Ronald Kirk, to various judges; councilmen and councilwomen; Also includes Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, State senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and other state and local politicians. Includes a short bio with each picture. An Excellent Gift! Catagories: Childrens Books, Humor, History, Political Science, Texas
Politics, Coloring Book, Children Book, Children Books, Texas History, Dallas

 The Damp Chamber and Other Bad Places by Frank Chigas.

This first book of the Medusa Press is limited to 500 copies. Collected herein are nineteen tales of eerie dread and menace. From a deserted research facility harboring monstrous secrets to portents of death found on the cold waves of the Atlantic, Frank Chigas stops at every sinister detour in between, guiding the reader through these dark places with a sure hand. "The Damp Chamber and Other Bad Places by Frank Chigas is one of the best collections of horror stories I've ever read -- if not the very best. ..." Paul Goat Allen, SF Reader "... Fans of Lovecraft, Derleth, Hodgeson, Cave, Quinn, and Jacobi will discover there actually is someone who writes 'em like they used to. ..." Garrett Peck, Flesh & Blood Magazine.
Horror Fantasy

 Trapped by James Alan Gardner and illustrated by Ian Pollock
Scientist Philemon Abu Dhubhai knows nothing about magic and psychic powers—only that before the ultra-advanced League of Peoples visited Earth (centuries ago, after the collapse of the OldTech civilization), such powers were impossible.

Fine/Fine. Super copy and DJ - NO flaws. Beautiful wraparound artwork. A Great Gift!

Science Fiction & Fantasy

 Indonesia's New Order - The Dynamics Of Socio-Economic Transformation
Hal Hil (Ed)

Ranking fourth in word population, Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim nation, and the largest archipelagic state. The country's history has been turbulent, both during the colonial era and its first two decades of Independence. The twenty-five years between 1966 and 1994, however saw unparalleled econonomic development and Indonesia may well become the next of East Asia's export-oriented 'dragon econimies. Published in 1994, this book provides a comprehensive and authoritative accound of Indonesia since 1966, the period of the so-called 'New Order'. It analyses and debates Indonesia's development path and achievments in its examination of the most significant and contentious contemporary issues.

 Dragon's Kin - A New Novel Of Pern
Anne and Todd McCaffrey

Fine in Fine DJ, this new novel of Pern by Anne McCaffrey with her son Todd finally gives the watch-whers their own story. Sixteen years before Thread is due to return, the coal-mining community of Crom Hold faces a different kind of natural upheaval. When a mining accident claims the life of his family, Kindan is forced to abandon his dream of becoming a Harper to take on the community’s most crucial task. Dragon's kin is a welcome addition to Pern series and, although not the best in the series, will be enjoyed by the many fans of Anne McCaffrey and Pern.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

This week we switch to the world of Piers Anthony and his Xanth Sage. Originaly published individually, this is the first edition of the three collected tales: "Centaur Aisle", "Ogre, Ogre", and "Nightmare", this thick book is Volumes 4-6 of Xanth. Piers Anthony first brought Xanth to the world with "A Spell for Chamelon" which won the August Derleth Fantasy Award for 1977. "Orge, Orge" was perhaps the first original fantasy paperback to hit the New York Times bestseller list. Hardcover, First Printing (Full number sequence) As new - not a used book.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

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