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The IOBA is dedicated to promoting internet bookselling by, in part, "Maintaining and enforcing high ethical and professional standards for our member booksellers, including a Code Of Ethics." You can read the compete IOBA Code of Ethics   at the IOBA site. Following are a few excerpts:
  • Members shall take responsibility for furthering mutual trust and respect between booksellers and customers by conducting their businesses with fairness and integrity.
  • Members are responsible for accurately describing all material they offer for sale.
  • Responsibility for damage to, or loss of, goods in transit will remain with the member.
White Unicorn Books is a proud member of the IOBA. Following are just a few more.

We are reorganizing the page right now. For a full list of IOBA booksellers please visit IOBA List of Members

In the meantime you might try a search of the books at IOBA.org if we don't have it:

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