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  1. Introduction
    1. Some general "rules"
    2. Tips for Making Hit Lists
  2. Hit List Examples
    1. Author Hit List
    2. Append Text to End of Field to All Records
    3. Copy Retail Price to Field 1 for Available Items
    4. Copy Prices From One Field to Another
    5. Check for Sold books with an Available Status
    6. Check for Available Books With No ISBN nor ASIN
  3. Catalogs [Exporting a Hit List]
  4. Webpage from Hit Lists




Note that there is generally more than one specific way to create a Hit List.  The items generally come from suggestions made on the BookTrakker Board but might also come from other places such as the Chrislands board [both are Yahoo Groups].

At present the wiki is public and the subjects tend to be in alphabetical order.  If the list becomes large, it may, at some point, even become more organized. Until then, the simple TOC at the top will have to do.  BTW: Would you like a link to your store/business.  Just provide us with a set of hit list directions and a link to your store will be given at the end of the hit list write up [up to maximum of two per page].

Typically the procedures below will assumme that you are already on the hit list page [see Number 4 in the list of General Rules below] and are ready to input criteria. It is also assummed that you have read the help provided in the BookTrakker program on hit lists [click on the Help tab after clicking on the New tab to create a new hit list]

Some general "rules"
  2. Capitalization does not matter but spaces do.
  3. You should always run your hit list the first time with no action.
  4. A new hit list can be accomplished in the following manner
    1. Click the Hit Lists tab on the left side of the Inventory screen
    2. Click New. A pop-up prompt window appears. You can create a unique name and enter that name in the field next to "name" [this save the hit list with that name] or just accept the name [typically Temporary List]. Click OK to close the pop-up.
    3. The "Set Field Criteria" tab displays with your cursor positioned in the "Search Field" column.
    4. There should be a drop-down button in this first line, if there isn't, just click anywhere inside the field.
    5. Fill in at least one line of criteria, i.e. chosing Author in Search Field, le guin in the Search Critria field, and Any Part of Field as the Search Type.
    6. Click on the Action tab and check that None is chosen.
    7. Click execute. The records are processed and a list of all your records in the Hit List opens in List View.
  5. After running the hit list with no action, you can then, if necessary for your particular hit list, go back through and choose the particular action needed [under the Action tab]. If you want your hit list sorted, sort criteria can be chosen under the Sort tab.


Tips for Making Hit Lists
  Submitted by Gwen Foss Alan's Used Books

What is a Hit List? A Hit List is an isolated group of records. Hit Lists are invaluable tools for organizing, manipulating, and modifying your data in a time-saving manner.)

(Examples of Hit Lists you may have a need to make at some time or other might be: all your items priced under $3, your periodicals and ephemera, your F/F mystery firsts published in the past five years, items shelved in the annex or display case, items on medicine or psychology or sports, nautical items published before 1900, items published in Spain or Kalamazoo, items still available of the first two hundred items you cataloged, children's books bound in orange cloth, or any number of other possible criteria.)

(A Hit List is created by setting specific criteria in specific fields, then isolating only the records matching the criteria, OR, by typing in a list of specific record numbers, then isolating those records. BT is capable of producing Hit Lists using an extremely wide range of criteria.)

To make a Hit List:

1. Click on the "Hit Lists" tab (sideways, on the left side of the window) OR hit Alt+H.

a. To return to the "Inventory: Detail View" mode (standard mode) from the Hit List tab, hit the "Detail View" tab (sideways, on the left side of the window, at the top) OR hit Alt+D.

b. The Hit Lists window contains four tabs across the top: Set Field Criteria, Catalog ID# List, Sort, and Action.

c. The Hit Lists window contains two tabs across the bottom: Hit Lists, and Catalog ID# List Manager.

d. An action hit list is a hit list on which you carry out a specific modification to every record on the list. Options for specifying modifications are found on the Action tab.

2. Click "New" (gray button at center left).

a. If you wish to make a Hit List based on catalog ID numbers, click the checkbox beside "Make Catalog ID List." Type in the record numbers, then go to step 11.

b. Name the Hit List. Naming the list is useful if you intend to keep this set of criteria or use this list again at some time in the future. Otherwise the default name, "Temporary List" (as shown), will suffice.

c. Click "OK."

3. The table on the "Set Field Criteria" tab is displayed and blanked for criteria to be input. On this table you set up the criteria for your Hit List.

4. Click in the first blank cell of the table, under the heading "Search Criteria." A down-arrow appears at the end of the field.

a. Click on the down-arrow. A drop-down menu of BT field names appears. Use the scroll-bar to see the entire menu.

b. On the drop-down menu, click on the field you want to specify criteria in. The selected field name is inserted in the first cell of the table.

5. Click on the next cell in the table, under the heading "Search Criteria." Type the criteria (text) you want to search for in the field you selected.

6. Click on the next cell in the table, under the heading "Search Type." Select the criteria for how the selected field is to be searched. The options available in this cell depend on which field you have selected to search.

a. When searching a field containing simple text, the three standard options are: Beginning of field; Entire field; or, Any part of field.

b. When searching the Status field, this option defaults to Entire field.

c. When searching a price field (Retail, Dealer, etc.), the options are: Greater than or equal to; Equal to; or, Less than or equal to.

7. Hit Lists may be narrowed and refined by having them take criteria from more than one field. To set criteria for an additional field, click on the first blank cell in the next row, select one of BT's fields, and type criteria for that field.

8. Hit Lists may also take multiple criteria in one field. Standard search commands, that is, <not>, <and>, and <or>, may be applied when multiple criteria are combined.

9. Examples follow.

a. Example: To make a Hit List of available items with "Wisconsin" in the title or subtitle:
 1) Set Status to <available>.
 2) Set Title field to search for <wisconsin> in any part of field.
 3) At the end of the row, under "And/Or," select "Or."
 4) Set Subtitle field to search for <wisconsin> in any part of field.

b. Example: To make a Hit List of available items authored by anyone named Wright other than Harold Bell Wright:
1) Set Status to <available>.
2) Set Author field to search for <wright> in beginning of field.
3) In the next row, set the Author field to search for <harold> in any part of field and click the "Not" checkbox.

10. Once criteria for one Hit List are set, these criteria are stored in the table of Hit Lists at the bottom of the window. The Hit List most recently designed is selected (gray button to the left has a triangle arrow).

11. The final step in creating a hit list is to execute. Click "Execute" (gray button at center). BT runs through your database and isolates the records matching the criteria. A window stating "Processing hit list; please wait" appears.

a. Once a Hit List has been executed, BT will display only the records that match the hit list. Navigate through BT in the normal manner to see all the matching records.

12. To execute a Hit List you created previously, select that hit list (on the Hit Lists table at the bottom of the window, click on the gray button to the left of the list) and click "Execute."

13. BT remembers the criteria laid down to create each hit list and stores it in the table of Hit Lists at the bottom of the window. This retention is particularly useful if, for example, you want print a catalog every six months based on a hit list, in which case the criteria for the hit list need only be set once.

14. To rename a hit list, select the list. Click "Rename" (gray button at center). Type the name you want. Click "OK."

15. If no records match the criteria, a message stating "No records fit the search criteria" is displayed. Try modifying the criteria, then execute again.

16. When you are done with the Hit List, the Hit List mode must be turned off so you can again see all your records. Turn it off by clicking the red Hit List button on the menu bar. This resets BT to show all your records again, and also changes the red Hit List button back to its regular gray color.

Hit List Examples


Author Hit List
  Submitted by De at White Unicorn Books
Search Field: Author
Search      : name of author, i.e. le guin
Search Type : Any Part of Field

If you want the list organized by title or some other way, click on the Sort tab and choose your sort. You should always run your hit list the first time with no action taken so click on the Action tab and make sure None is chosen under the Action section. Click on Execute. You can now look at your results by clicking on the List View and/or Detail View tabs on the left.


Append Text to End of Field to All Records



 Search Field: (blank)
 Search      : (blank)
 Search Type : (blank)


 Range Type

  Type       : Numeric

  Field      : Book ID

  From       : 1

  To         : (last Book ID)



Check under the Action Tab and make sure none is chosen as the Action. Click on Execute.  Examine the records to se that you got those you wanted. Go back to the Hit List (click on Hit List tab), click on the Action tab.


 Action     : Append
 Append To  : Notes (or choose field from drop down list)
 Append Text:
(text to be appended)


Execute.  Check that what you wanted was done.  If not, Restore your data base and try again.

Submitted by De at White Unicorn Books



Copy Retail Price to Field 1 for Available Items




 Search Field: Status
 Search      : AVAILABLE
 Search Type : Entire Field


If you want the list organized by title or some other way, click on the Sort tab and choose your sort. You should always run your hit list the first time with no action taken so click on the Action tab and make sure None is chosen under the Action section. Click on Execute. You can now look at your results by clicking on the List View and/or Detail View tabs on the left.  If you got what you wanted, click on the Action tab and


 Action   : Copy
 Copy From: Retail
 Copy To  : Field 1


Note that if you also wanted to save the current information present in Field 1, you would choose Append as the Action.  However, if were doing this in order to "save" the Retail price in order to be able to copy it back to Retail (say after a sale), you should choose Copy as the Action.

Submitted by De at White Unicorn Books



Copy Prices From One Field to Another


The very FIRST thing you should do is make a backup of your existing inventory. That's probably a natural given, but sometimes I'm forgetful so I have a tendency to assume others are as well.

You need to move the price to a field you don't use, nor is uploaded - for example, one of the 4 user fields, or the source or shelved fields. Or maybe the S&H field below the retail, store and dealer price fields.


To do that, you make your hit list of the records you want to put on sale. Name it Books On Sale or something. After you run that Hit List, click on the Action tab (the fourth one on the top half of the Hit List screen). This will then become your "Action Hit List" where you tell BookTrakker what action you want it to take.

On the left upper section, under "Action", click on "copy".

In the Fields box, click in the "Copy From" Box to pull up "retail" (or whatever price field you are copying).

In the box below, click in the "Copy To" box to pull up the desired field you want the price copied to (for example, "source").

You will then have "moved" by copying the price to another field. You can then do an action hit list to revise your retail price to whatever sale price you are using. Once your sale is over, you do the above in reverse: Do an action Hit List to "copy" the "source" field to your "retail" field. - or whatever field you selected.

Note: moving dollars into a non-dollar field shows the number as a decimal point. All is well when you move it back to retail. To then remove the amount from the "source" field, do another action hit list CHANGING the "source" field to nothing (leaving the values field blank will accomplish this).

Submitted by Lera at Aunt Teek's Novel Shoppe 



Check for Sold books with an Available Status


The reason for running this Hit List is that sometimes, for a reason not yet determined, books are sold but the status does not change to Sold. Running this Hit List on a regular basis may help to avoid sales of books that have already been sold.

  Search Field  : Status
  Search        : Available
  Search Type   : Entire Field

  Range type    : Date
  Field         : Sold
  To & From     : Fill in Appropriate Date Range

Click Execute.

The results of this hit list will show you any books in your database that have a Status of Available but also have a date in the Sold Date Field. The only books to which condition should apply to are those that had a status of more than one. For exaqmple if you have 5 books in the quantity and sold one the Sold Date will reflect that date.
Submitted by Sandi at
Mostly Romance  



Check for Available Books With No ISBN nor ASIN


You might want a list to create pages on Amazon, either manually or with Grabit or the Amazon Bulk Uploader.

  Search Field  : Status
  Search        : Available
  Search Type   : Entire Field


  Search Field  : ISBN
  Search Type   : Entire Field


  Search Field  : ASIN
  Search Type   : Entire Field


Click Execute


Note.  This is only part of the process of using the Amazon Bulk Uploader to create new ASINs.  To see the complete process look at www.booktrakker.com/GrabIt!/AmazonBulk.htm

Submitted by De at White Unicorn Books 


Catalogs [Exporting a Hit List]


Webpage from Hit Lists


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