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The e-Books are completely free. The links are generally to the Way Back Machine [archive.org] but may be to other sites.

We try to keep this page up to date both for the addition of newly listed books and deletion of books which have moved on. However, we are not always successful. So, PLEASE, if you find a mistake, notify us. We would also like to hear from you with comments or whatever even if you don't find mistakes and certainly if you have any questions.

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Images of books are typically "stock photos" generally courtesy of the publisher

Free Book
Title    : Madeleine's Cowboy (Wrangler Dads) (Marry Me, Cowboy, No 1)
Author   : Kristine Rolofson
ISBN-13  : 9780373653102 - ISBN-10: 0373653107
Book Type: Paperback
Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Weep No More, My Lady Author : W. E. Debnam Book Type: Paperback Genre : Nonfiction Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use of Reason in Everyday Life Author : Howard Kahane ISBN-13 : 9780534168964 - ISBN-10: 0534168965 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : A Little Bit Country (Harlequin Romance, 3038) Author : Debbie Macomber ISBN-13 : 9780373030385 - ISBN-10: 037303038X Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Legacy of Secrets (Delta Justice, Bk 11) Author : Judith Arnold ISBN-13 : 9780373825714 - ISBN-10: 0373825714 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Leah's Story (Pearls of Sharah, Bk 3) (Loveswept Classic, No 13) Author : Fayrene Preston ISBN-13 : 9780553550221 - ISBN-10: 0553550225 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : The Internet companion: A beginner's guide to global networking Author : Tracy L LaQuey ISBN-13 : 9780201622249 - ISBN-10: 0201622246 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : In Praise (In Classical Mood) Author : ISBN-13 : 9781886614581 - ISBN-10: 188661458X Book Type: Hardcover Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Humanism in the Renaissance Author : Sem Dresden ISBN-13 : 300023 - ISBN-10: Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Hug Dancing Author : Shelby Hearon ISBN-13 : 9780446394574 - ISBN-10: 0446394572 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Gifts from Eykis : A Story of Self-Discovery Author : Dyer ISBN-13 : 9780671639648 - ISBN-10: 0671639641 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : From Plato to Nietzsche Author : E. L. Allen ISBN-13 : 275597 - ISBN-10: Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : French Twist (Delta Justice, Bk 10) Author : Margot Dalton ISBN-13 : 9780373825707 - ISBN-10: 0373825706 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Finding Kendall (Delta Justice, Bk 3) Author : Anne Logan ISBN-13 : 9780373825639 - ISBN-10: 0373825633 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Fascination (Loveswept Classic) Author : Joan Elliott Pickart ISBN-13 : 9780553550153 - ISBN-10: 0553550152 Book Type: Mass Market Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : 110%: 110 Strategies for Feeling Great Every Day Author : Pat Croce, Bill Lyon ISBN-13 : 9780762411559 - ISBN-10: 0762411554 Book Type: Hardcover Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Advice and Consent: Simple Soul Wisdom Author : Bridget Bernadette ISBN-13 : 9780976881506 - ISBN-10: 0976881500 Book Type: Hardcover Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Alexandra's Story (Pearls of Sharah, Bk 1) (Loveswept, No 306) Author : Fayrene Preston ISBN-13 : 9780553550207 - ISBN-10: 0553550209 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Asserting Yourself: A Practical Guide for Positive Change Author : Sharon A. Bower, Gordon H. Bower ISBN-13 : 9780201008388 - ISBN-10: 0201008386 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : The Boss, the Baby and the Bride (Guardian Angels) (Harlequin Romance, No 3508) Author : Day Leclaire ISBN-13 : 9780373035083 - ISBN-10: 037303508X Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Big Sky Baby (Montana Mavericks) (Silhouette Special Edition, No 1563) Author : Judy Duarte ISBN-13 : 9780373245635 - ISBN-10: 0373245637 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : The Breast Cancer Companion: From Diagnosis Through Treatment to Recovery: Everything You Need to Know for Every Step Along the Way Author : Kathy Latour ISBN-13 : 9780688119317 - ISBN-10: 068811931X Book Type: Hardcover Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Contract: Paternity (Delta Justice, Bk 1) Author : Jasmine Cresswell ISBN-13 : 9780373825615 - ISBN-10: 0373825617 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None

Free Book Title : Fully Involved (Harlequin Romance, No 3047) Author : Rebecca Winters ISBN-13 : 9780373030477 - ISBN-10: 0373030479 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None .
Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : The God of Small Things Author : Arundhati Roy ISBN-13 : 9780060977498 - ISBN-10: 0060977493 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None .
Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : Getting Over Harry (Simply The Best) (Harlequin Romance, No 3448) Author : Renee Roszel ISBN-13 : 9780373034482 - ISBN-10: 0373034482 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : Chicken Soup for the Soul: 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit Author : Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen ISBN-13 : 9781558742628 - ISBN-10: 155874262X Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None .
Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : Descartes Philosophical Writings Author : Elizabeth Anscombe & Peter T Geach ISBN-13 : 375929 - ISBN-10: Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None .
Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : The Diary of Adam and Eve (Modern Library Minis) Author : Mark Twain ISBN-13 : 9780679771012 - ISBN-10: 0679771018 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None .
Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : Disraeli Author : Sarah Bradford ISBN-13 : 9780812828993 - ISBN-10: 0812828992 Book Type: Hardcover Extra S&H: $1.00 .
Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : Edge of Danger (Harlequin Romance #315) Author : ISBN-13 : 9780373173150 - ISBN-10: 0373173156 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None .
Gone to a better place.

Free Book Title : English Reformation Author : A.G. Dickens ISBN-13 : 9780805201772 - ISBN-10: 0805201777 Book Type: Paperback Extra S&H: None /strike>.
Gone to a better place.

e-Book Links          Top

Links to e-Books are generally to the page at archive.org which list severl formats, i.e. PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Daisy, Full Text, and DjVu. There is also generally a link for which you can read the book online.


  • Selective Bibliography Of American Literature 1775 - 1900 (1932) by By B. M. Fullerton with an introduction by Carl Van Doren

  • Physics For Entertaiment Translated from the Russian by A. Shkarovsky
    Published in 1913, a best-seller in the 1930s and long out of print, Physics for Entertainment was translated from Russian into many languages and influenced science students around the world. Among them was Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman, the Russian mathematician (unrelated to the author), who solved the Poincaré conjecture, and who was awarded and rejected the Fields Medal. Grigori's father, an electrical engineer, gave him Physics for Entertainment to encourage his son's interest in mathematics. In the foreword, the book’s author describes the contents as “conundrums, brain-teasers, entertaining anecdotes, and unexpected comparisons,” adding, “I have quoted extensively from Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Mark Twain and other writers, because, besides providing entertainment, the fantastic experiments these writers describe may well serve as instructive illustrations at physics classes.” The book’s topics included how to jump from a moving car, and why, “according to the law of buoyancy, we would never drown in the Dead Sea.” Ideas from this book are still used by science teachers today. Yakov Isidorovich Perelman died in the siege of Leningrad in 1942.

Here are some more places to look around our site:

  • Arkham House, Mycroft & Moran, and Fedogan & Bremer Books
    At the request of several of our customers, we started a page for the books of Arkham House and related publishers. We try hard to keep it up to date with news and a list of forthcoming books and a list of those books we have of these publishers - both new and used.

  • Author Web SSites/Fan Sites
    A list of Authors and their websites or fan sites. Unfortunately, I haven't kept up with the sites going out or changing although a recent check with a program showed no broken links. One can hope right?

  • Book Care and other book information
    About Books includes items on Book Care as well as a How to Identify First Editions. It will include links, reviews, and all kinds of other interesting (to us at least) tidbits as we add to it.

  • Book Condition Description
    We use certain "bookseller" terms when we describe our books. Generally, they tend to mean what you think they would mean. For example Fine means basically without faults. The exact meanings behind what we mean are given on this page. As mentioned on the page, book condition is sometimes a subjective "call" by the book seller. We try to be objective, but might (in your opinion) fail. If so, you can return the book for any reason.

  • Book Inventory Programs The question of which book inventory program to use was always coming up on some of the forums I visit so I though I would put down some thoughts here. It is evolving and will eventually try to cover many aspects of inventory management (in the sometime distant future). In the mean time, if you have something you would like to see, let me know.

  • Book Reviews
    A slowly growing list of books we've reviewed. We would be happy to have your comments and, if you like, your reviews (with, of course, credit to you if you wish).

  • Chrislands Book Stores
    Chrislands is the company which hosts our site. We are very happy with them as are their other customers. This page gives links to many of the other Chrisland stores.

    Just pay for shipping and handling [typically $3.50] or spend $20 and get that additional $3.50 waived. See our FREE BOOKS page for details.

  • General Links; Other Book Stores, SF&F References, Detective/Mystery References, etc.
    Well, that about says it all. This is sort of a catch all for links which don't specifically belong anywhere else. Right now (about 6:41 pm Central US time, Oct. 16 2005), there are four sections, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery - Detective, Arts and Crafts, and Book Related Links.

  • Glenn Larsen's Guide to First Editions
    Copied from Books-Rare, the book collector's home Copyright © 1997 by Glenn Larsen. Sadly, the original is no longer available., but we have a copy of it here with some corrections and additions.

  • Glossary of Terms Used in Literature and the Book and Printing Trades
    This page grew out of a request from a customer about book terms, a bookman's glossary so to speak. Now I could have just pointed them to the IOBA Book Terminology but I though it would be nice [and make our site more attractive] if we had a page of our own. Well now we do - at least the start of one

  • Help for on-line book buyers
    We hope this page will help you have a more pleasant on-line book buying experience. It also lists a few other places to get books - If we don't have the book you are looking for, of course :-)

  • IOBA Book Stores
    The Independent Online Booksellers Association, is dedicated to promoting internet bookselling by, in part, "Maintaining and enforcing high ethical and professional standards for our member booksellers, including a Code Of Ethics." White Unicorn Books is a proud member of the IOBA and on this page we list some of the other IOBA stores.

  • Liaden Universe of Steve Miller & Sharon Lee
    This page is for our Steve Miller and Sharon Lee books. It is mainly books set in the Liaden Universe® and has a list of books in that series, including the Chapter Books, as well as a set of references and links to other sites for the two authors.

  • Previously Featured Books
    Featured Books is where we list the books which have been featured on our home page - we may have more about the book than is in the normal catalog listing, so we decided to just keep track of them here. For example, when we featured the Chronicles of Narnia we listed "both sequences". The order in which they were originally published and "the preferred sequence of CS Lewis".

    We also have some special pages for books which are special in some way. It may be that the book itself is special or that a customer asked for more images, so we put up a page for the book. In any case we have these single pages for a particular book:
    • Butters' Richmond Directory 1855
      An interesting directory for 1855.
    • Crystallizing Public Opinion
      Bernays is considered by many as the originator of modern public relations and has been called the "Father of Spin". He was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life magazine.
    • Oxford Lectern Bible The Oxford Lectern Bible is a massive edition of the English Bible designed by American typographer Bruce Rogers (1870-1957). It is considered by many to be Rogers' masterpiece, and is recognized along with the other great Bibles, including the Baskerville Bible and the Doves Press Bible.
    • The Principles Of Judicial Proof
      Normally we don't put up our used books as a Featured Book on the home page they don't last long enough to stay here since we generally only have a single copy) but this one is such an absolutely beautiful book I had to put it up. So, of course, I had to build a page for it.
    • Sleeping Beauty, a Special Collectors Edition with illustrations by Dulac
      A page devoted to a special book. The 1910 limited edition of Sir Author Quiller-Couch's The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales, illustrated by Edmund Dulac.
    • The Religious System of China
      First published over quite a few years, the initial volume was published in 1892 and the final volume was printed in 1910, The Religious System of China is a monumental work by Jan J M de Groot that "is an attempt at depicting the Chinese Religion as it is really practiced by the nation, and at sketching on a broad scale its influence on Domestic and Social Life. It is the fruit of an intimate contact with the Chinese race for several years." The work also contains a detailed study of China's funerary stelae, and the mythical animals used to decorate them.
    • Slovenly Peter's Story Book
      A classic 'what happens to bad boys and girls' from the late 1800's.

  • Ramblings/Blog/Book Reviews and whatever
    This is really a series of pages consistings of almost anything. On these pages I've written about Medicard Part D, about searching for information on a book on Google and at the Library of Congress, reviewed several books, and talked about the IOBA. No telling what will show up there. I'm sure we'll duplicate information on the rest of the site, but a lot of it will be unique. Hope you find it of interest.

  • Repricing
    A short look at some of the reasons for (semi)automatically repricing your inventory including a few Perl code snippets.

  • Setting Up an Internet Book Store
    An article I wrote for the IOBA. It presents a "first look" at some of the things one should think about in setting up an internet book store.

  • Transfer Homebase data to BookTrakker
    We use BookTrakker for maintaining and updating our main database of books we have listed here on our site. In talking to other BookTrakker users, they wanted to know how they could use someone to enter data which they could transfer to BookTrakker either in addition to or instead of using the network version of BookTrakker. Since we use both the network version and Homebase as "auxillary input systems", I though I would finally describe how we did the Homebase to BookTrakker part of it.

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